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CC Final Review - Tocqueville: Democracy in America...

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Tocqueville: Democracy in America Concepts of equality and liberty The tyranny of the majority The difficulties posed by “individualism” and how to create public commitment through participation and association The new despotism and government intrusion in the private sphere Mill: On Liberty Dangers posed by the tyranny of the majority, the need for a principled solution to value pluralism (modeled on religious tolerance.) The Harm Principle as a test of legitimate government interference Rights (to freedom from interference) ultimately depend on utility, individuals may be compelled to perform acts to the benefit of others Freedom of conscience and speech; its value in advancing truth Mill: Utilitarianism The greatest happiness principle (the principle of utility) The nature of happiness Hegel: Introduction to The Philosophy of History The nature of Spirit as freedom; how it realizes itself in world history (from “potential/implicit/unconscious” to “actual/explicit/conscious”) through increasing consciousness of itself as free The means of Spirit: the passions and interests of individuals drive history. In particular world historical individuals How world Spirit’s freedom is developed in stages by nations, each governed by a particular national Spirit, where
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CC Final Review - Tocqueville: Democracy in America...

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