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COMM 310 FINAL STUDY GUIDE Norman Lear: Basic background about Lear: Why is he significant in the television industry? o Changed the nature of TV What were his main contributions, and how was he different/innovative in his programs? o pushed the envelope and asked “Why?” influenced by increasing provocativeness in British TV o brought politics from the entertainment sphere on screen o didn’t like censorship and politics formed “People for the American Way” What were some of his hit shows? o “All in the Family” o o “Who’s the Boss?” o “Different Strokes” o “The Jeffersons” Off-screen life: Familiarize yourselves with Lear’s offscreen political organizations and initiatives (links are under “Assignments” on Blackboard). Know one or two facts about each – i.e., o People for the American Way 750,000-1 million members established to answer questions about the moral majority and religious right wanted to right a movie but instead ended up forming this 1981 TV spot Does religion have a place in politics? Doesn’t think God take sides politically “In God We Trust” applies to everyone’s God not just an individual’s o Declaration of Independence Road Trip He bought and believed it belonged to everyone so it traveled around the country for 3 and a half years bring the people’s document to them! Inspire to vote o Declare Yourself initiative to vote for younger people resulted in record number of young people voting in 2004 and 2006 elections
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Topics/themes: Bringing politics into TV shows o “All in the Family” touched on homosexuality, Tran sexuality, faith, rape, deat, political strife and inflation his long-standing concern with preserving Constitutional rights celebrity advocacy (make sure to read the “Activist Celebrities” reading – don’t worry about the missing pages – test q’s won’t come from those.) o To conclude, it is obvious that a wide range of television, movie, and musical performers have become involved in the political process. From making contributions to candidates and parties to lobbying public officials on behalf of particular causes these celebrity activists attract press attention to various issues and explain why the public should be concerned. With the aid of willing media reporters, this kind of coverage affects the national political agenda and sometimes even the deliberation of congressional legislators. It is likely that issues such as violence against women, handgun regulation, and hunger would not have attracted as much press as they have without the assistance of prominent Hollywood entertainers . In this way, then, such individuals have become important to the manner in which the American political system functions. o
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