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202 examination 1 study guide - COMM 202: Introduction to...

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Spring 2008 Examination 1 Study Guide The purpose of this study guide is to help you review for the coming examination. While the instructors have tried to make this guide as comprehensive as feasible, it is not 100% exhaustive. This is not because the instructors do not want you succeed in the test, but because the instructors are trying to balance giving adequate guidance versus revealing information that would make the examination meaningless. Any topic or concept covered in lecture may appear in the examination (with the exception of specific concepts in the last lecture on technology stocks). A topic or concept covered in the lab sessions may also appear in the examination. The following readings are likely to be very useful: Pacey’s “Technology: Practice and Culture Winner’s “Technology Today: Utopia or Dystopia?” Joy’s “Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us” When answering open-ended questions, where applicable, use examples to illustrate your arguments. Format 25-30 multiple choice questions (50-60 points.). 3-4 phrase or short answer (8-10 points.) 4-6 longer answers (35 points.) Evolution of Communication Media Technology Know the following communication technologies, their key features and impacts (e.g., how did a more current technology evolve from earlier ones, what did each technology make possible, etc.) alphabet printing press computer What is bandwidth? What is the bandwidth for each of the communication technologies discussed, and how has it changed as the technologies evolved ? What is characteristic of one principle about the economics of information? Does technological features guarantee success in terms of widespread acceptance? Why or why
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202 examination 1 study guide - COMM 202: Introduction to...

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