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Final Study Guide - GROUP ONE Know what did the early game...

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GROUP ONE Know what did the early game Tennis for Two looked like: Know its features: Early use of graphical display, but lack of score keeping Know the developer’s motivation: To entertain visitors at a nuclear lab Know what did the early game Spacewar! looked like: Know its features: Two battleships, sun in the middle that you can get sucked into, goal is to shoot each other or blow each other up, background stars Know how Ralph Baer approached the building of games: Ralph Baer wanted to do other, more interactive things, with a TV than just watching it. His first goal was to get images on the screen and then to be able to control these images. Know how the Ping-Pong game looks like, what the controls are like: The controls were three different knobs. One moved up and down, one moved back and forth, one controlled spin on the ball.
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Each player had a paddle, goal to get the other player to miss the ball. Know Baer’s Magnavox Odyssey as the first of its class of game system: First home video game console Know the Magnavox Odyssey’s features, retail price, etc: All of the games came with the console, had translucent plastic overlays for the TV, had removable circuit cards, $100 (equivalent to $500 today) Know Baer’s approach in distributing his work: He filed for a patent for his games (first person to do this for video games) Group Two: Know Nolan Bushnell’s role with Atari: He is the founder and started it in 1972, because of his interest in Cabinet (classic arcade game) video games. Know Atari’s signature game: Pong- Its designer: Al Alcorn Game’s look of the game, controls: had two dials which controlled the paddles which the balls bounced off of. Game’s physical form, setting in which it was first played: it was in a physical box and was mostly played in bars. First responses: Very popular, it had people lining up around corners of bars just to play. Many bar owners were very adamant about having the same set up. Relationship with Magnovox: Magnovox sued them because they had the patent on the first home video console and the removable circuit cards. Atari’s first consumer product : Home Pong- retailed at $100 Know which firm distributed it and why: Sears Roebuck and it was distributed in sporting goods because no one knew where to put it. Know Atari’s 2600’s features: retailed at $199. Internal hardware: CPU hardware- which allowed game cartridges to be used. Controls: joystick Graphics: color graphics. Know its business model: The “razorblade model”- you have to keep buying the cartridges. Group Three: Know the Space Invaders game, in terms of game play, features, etc. and it’s level of popularity, consequences of popularity. Space Invaders (1978) was licensed and released on Atari in 1980.
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Final Study Guide - GROUP ONE Know what did the early game...

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