Exam III Key - -1- Biology 347 Exam 3 April 24, 2008 NOTE:...

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- 1 - Biology 347 Exam 3 April 24, 2008 Name________________________________ NOTE: Turn off all electronic devises. Please cover your exam at all times . I. True/False: [Circle T (true) or F (false) 1 point each, 10 points total] __F___1. IL-4 decreases IgE production by B cells. __T___2. Both eosinophils and mast cells are important mediators of allergic responses. __F___3. Most pollen allergens contain a single allergenic component. __T___4. Transfusion reactions are a manifestation of type II hypersensitivity. ___T__5. The initial step in the process of mast-cell degranulation is cross-linking of Fc receptors. ___T__6. Th1 cells have been associated with development of autoimmunity. ___T__7. A defect in the gene encoding Fas can reduce programmed cell death by apoptosis. ___F__8. Hereditary retinoblastoma results from over-expression of a cellular oncogene. ___T__9. Translocation of c-myc gene is found in many patients with Burkitt's lymphoma. ___T--10. Viral integration into the cellular genome may convert a proto-oncogene into a transforming oncogene. II. Fill in the blanks (2 points/blank, 22 points total) 1. A type I hypersensitivity reaction is mediated by ____ _IgE _____________________ 2. A type III hypersensitivity reaction is mediated by the formation of ____ immune complexes ______________ and the ensuing activation of ___ complement ___________________. 3. A type IV hypersensitivity reaction involves the activation of Th1 cells may also include macrophages . 4. To prevent antibody production to Rh antigens, an Rh negative woman who has given birth to a Rh positive baby can be given an injection of ______ RHOGAM ____ . 5. Human autoimmunity can be divided into ____ organ specific and __ systemic diseases. 6. Which CD 4 positive T cell ____ T helper 1 ______is expressed in higher levels in females than in males? 7. Tumor suppressor gene p53 is mutated in approximately ____50% of most cancers, especially lung cancer. The carcinogen ___ Benzo(A)pyrene ____from cigarette (tobacco) induces "hot spot" mutations in the p53 ___________ DNA binding domain ____ give partial credit if give codons 157, 248, 269, 273 __________domain.
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- 2 - III. List the three molecular manipulations utilized by Dr. Robert Weinberg to convert normal cells into cancer cells. Briefly describe how each contributed to the development of the cancer phenotype (2 points each, 6
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Exam III Key - -1- Biology 347 Exam 3 April 24, 2008 NOTE:...

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