Final Exam Review (Answers)

Final Exam Review (Answers) - Bio 311C List of new terms...

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Bio 311C List of new terms for Final Exam Remember! This is not an exhaustive list. Please review your notes carefully, paying close attention to definitions, processes, key components. Don’t lose sight of the BIG PICTURE no matter how fascinating intracellular processes may be! 50% of the final is comprehensive covering the whole class and 50% is over the new material. Respiration : Definition and chemical equation , flow of energy, cycling of matter Key points, catabolism , anabolism , ATP cycle, substrate level- oxidative- and photo phosphorylation , uses of ATP in the cell Reduction-Oxidation reactions , Intermediate electron receptors, FAD, FADH 2 and NAD + , NADH Source and endpoint of specific molecules in the equation. Structure and function of mitochondria Stages and process of respiration: Step 1: glycolysis: definition, products, pyruvate, net yield per glucose molecule, universality of process Step 2: Process, net yields of process, acetyl CoA Step 3: Krebs cycle: definition, location, functions, yields. Step 4:
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Final Exam Review (Answers) - Bio 311C List of new terms...

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