Exam II Key - -1- Biology 347 Exam 2 March 27, 2008 NOTE:...

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- 1 - Biology 347 Exam 2 March 27, 2008 Name_______________KEY_________________ NOTE: Turn off all electronics. Please cover your exam at all time. I. True/False: (Circle T (true) or F (false) 2 points each, 12 points total) T F 1. Class II MHC molecules typically bind to longer peptides than do class I molecules. T F 2. The T cells uses the same set of V, D, and J gene segments as B cells but uses different C gene segments. T F 3. T cells expressing CD8 recognize antigen (peptide) presented by MHC class I molecules T F 4. Clonal anergy occurs in T cells if a costimulatory signal is absent T F 5. Apoptosis is a critical process in the normal functioning of the immune response system. T F 6. B cell receptor signaling includes membrane expression of immunoglobulin as well as Ig-alpha and Ig-beta molecules. II. Fill in the blanks (2 points each, 12 points total) 1. Fas/Fas ligand belong to the ____tumor necrosis factor______________ family of cytokines 2. EGF/EGFR belong to the _____________growth factor_____________________family of cytokines 3. Class 1 MHC molecules are expressed on _____most nucleated________________cells, expression of class II MHC molecules are restricted to __dendritic________________________, ___macrophages____________________, and ___B______________ cells. III. Antigen-antibody reactions. Briefly explain how to conduct each of the immune assays listed below (4 points each, total of 16 points) a. Indirect ELISA to detect antibodies to HIV in a serum sample Trap HIV antigens (usually GAG antigens) in plastic wells of 96 well plate. ( Add milk protein or albumin to wells to adhere to plate and prevent antibody from adhering to plate--see if the better students include this, if not, do not count it against them).Wash plate, Incubate plate with serum from individuals suspected of being exposed to HIV, wash and then add enzyme-linked rabbit or mouse antibodies to human Ig. Wash, add substrate and observe for color reaction. Color reaction is a positive test for having antibodies to HIV. Use your judgment.
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Exam II Key - -1- Biology 347 Exam 2 March 27, 2008 NOTE:...

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