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Com. St. 35 - Notes - Chapter 9

Com. St. 35 - Notes - Chapter 9 - Chapter Nine Intimacy and...

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Chapter Nine - Intimacy and Distance in Relational Communication Physical – the fetus experience a physical closeness with its mother that will never happen again. Intellectual Sharing - exchange of important ideas fosters a kind of closeness that can be powerful and exciting. Emotional – exchanging important feelings – sharing personal information can both reflect and create feelings of closeness. Shared Activities – the bond the comes from experiencing significant events with another person. Some intimate relationships exhibit all four dimensions. Not even the closest relationships always operate at the highest level of intimacy . Masculine and Feminine Intimacy Styles Most research does show that women are somewhat more willing than men to share their thoughts and feelings (although the differences are not as dramatic as some may think). In terms of the amount and depth of information exchanged: female-female relationships male-female relationships male-male relationships Men report that shared activities are most meaningful experiences.
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  • Interpersonal relationship, romantic relationships, Long Term vs, feminine intimacy styles, Relationship Oriented vs, High Obligation vs

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