The Glass Menagerie (Rough Draft)

The Glass Menagerie (Rough Draft) - Jenny Lewis Eng 101 Sec...

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Jenny Lewis Eng 101 Sec 103 11/21/07 Word Count: 1378 The Glass Menagerie The play “The Glass Menagerie” of Tennessee Williams focuses on the life of Amanda along with her son Tom, and “weakling” daughter Laura during the year 1937 at St. Louis. Having left by their father, Tom, as the eldest son, was forced to work for the family. This characterization, the lines used, and the various symbolisms frequently used in the play makes up for a one whole interesting and heartwarming play. Moreover, the feelings of isolation, disappointment, entrapment, and/or expectations coupled with failed dreams are all highlighted in this story, written in a very dramatic and effective way enabling the readers to easily relate to the feeling of each of the characters. First, there are personality differences. This occurs in the three most important characters in the play – Amanda, Laura and Tom. Tom, as the sole breadwinner of the family attains a strong personality along with a great determination to keep on living, not only for himself, but also to the people who only live because of him. During the day, he is seen working at the Continental Shoemakers warehouse, but at nighttime, he seems to be always out, watching movies. Tom is a lot different from Amanda, the loving yet nagging mother, who is frequently in word fight with Tom because of her habit to meddle over her son and daughter’s lives. Her past story with her “bad” ex-husband kept on bugging her as if reminding her how she chose badly when it comes to man. And Tom is also a lot different from Laura, the frightened and shy daughter of Amanda, and his younger sibling. Her lame foot and poor self-confidence makes her as the “burden” for the family. This is the reason why upon knowing that she has no guts to 1
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finish her class in Rubicam’s Business College, she is pushed by her Mom to look for a possible husband. However, Laura seldom goes out and is always seen holding and taking care of her
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The Glass Menagerie (Rough Draft) - Jenny Lewis Eng 101 Sec...

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