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Eng. 101 Sect. 103 Word Count: 1093 Traveling Through the Dark An external view of problems in life is the easiest way to live because life would be carefree. However, if the problems are looked from an internal perspective as well, skills such as swerving and deviating are key to making decisions. This experience can be troubling because it forces a person to think independently. The connection between traveling through the dark and the decisions people make is the theme of the poem entitled “Traveling Through the Dark.” It is a representation of life. Life is about reactions and the consequences of those reactions. The persona of this poem is a male who has decided to dispose the body of a dead deer from the edge of the road. The author, William Stafford, uses strong imagery and creative figurative language to show how a carefree life can suddenly transition into a moment where a crucial decision has to be made. The first stanza opens up with a man’s encounter of a dead deer while driving during the 1
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night, but he doesn’t let this bother him. He already has a solution, to roll it into the canyon. Although the speaker is set on his decision as of now, the last line which states, “to swerve might make more dead,” will later come into play, quickly altering his easy made decision. To swerve means to go around or to take another path. The reader gets the image that the speaker is not so confident about his decision anymore. Another important factor that later affects the speaker’s decision as well is the image of dark. Without light, it is hard to find one’s way, and
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Essay - Eng 101 Sect 103 Word Count 1093 Traveling Through...

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