Essay1 - Pui Man Kwong (Kylie) According to statistics,...

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Pui Man Kwong (Kylie) According to statistics, tuition fees, miscellaneous school fees, and living expenses of overseas students studying in the US amount up to over 12 billion US dollars in 2002. The US Department of Commerce has already listed higher education as the fifth largest industry in the US. Renowned universities in the US become even more prestigious with the enrollment of high quality students from overseas. Local US students can also enjoy the benefits of being exposed to the rich and diverse cultures of the world without the need to go and study abroad. Meanwhile, China is one of the countries that has the largest number of students studying abroad. Each year, there are as many as 25,000 students from China studying abroad. According to a survey by UNESCO, by the end of 2000, there were 380,000 students from China studying in over 103 countries and locations around the world. Of these, 59,939 were studying in the US in the 2000-2001 academic year. Many universities and colleges in the US set up special desks to greet and welcome their overseas students. Why do Chinese students come to the U.S. to study when institutions in their own country also developed programs and adapted to the needs of its own citizens? Why have U.S. consulate offices overseas been processing so many visa applications for study in the United States? As an international student myself, I love the education system here in the US far more than in Hong Kong. It is because I can better learn English in an English-speaking world, it provides me a better job opportunity in the future; it can broaden my horizons and enrich life experience; and the learning environment is the US is also better. There are more trees and fresh air which can definitely make me concentrate more on my studies than somewhere
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Essay1 - Pui Man Kwong (Kylie) According to statistics,...

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