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Week 4 Assignment SWOT Analysis

Week 4 Assignment SWOT Analysis - SWOT Analysis 1...

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SWOT Analysis Assignment: SWOT Analysis Joshua Woodward University of Phoenix of Axia College BUS210/Foundations of Business Scott Rought February 10, 2008 1
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SWOT Analysis SWOT Analysis The following is an SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat) Analysis of the business plan for the company Southeast Racing Parts (SRP). Southeast Racing Parts is a small local company located in North Carolina that specializes in the local sales and mail order catalog service sales of automotive race parts to consumers. The company has some beneficial strength in their business plan which will help them to create opportunities for growth and profits. Southeast Racing Parts also attributes many weaknesses in their business plan which if they are not careful and quick to fix could lead to potential threats in the successfulness of their company. Southeast Racing Parts main strength lies in the location of the company which is in North Carolina and the state has a big market for the motorsport of racing and the demand for race parts. SRP has the essential idea of maintaining a profound quality of customer satisfaction and customer service by remaining relatively small in order to meet the needs of their customers on a personal level instead of a corporate level. Though SRP seems to be a relatively new company,
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