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Human Nutrition Study Guide - 2 fatty acids glycerol...

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2 fatty acids, glycerol, phosphate=phospholipid Pancreas: Makes enzymes to digest all energy-yielding nutrients Releases bicarbonate to neutralize stomach acid that enters small intestine -phospholipid bilayer: makes up the membrane of the absorptive villi cells in the intestine -monosaccharides have 6 carbon chains -amino acids have 2-12 carbons with an R side group Carbohydrate: Liver glycogen (released when blood glucose low)…Muscle glycogen (selfishly reserved for muscle) Limited to small amounts for both of these Fat/Lipid: Fat/adipose tissue – virtually infinite storage capacity, many places Protein: No storage depots – either used same day, or converted to carbs and fats Other: Liver and fat cells store many vitamins…Bones provide reserves of calcium, sodium and other minerals Pancreas (gland) detects high glucose, secretes insulin (hormone)…Insulin stimulates muscle (organ) to UPTAKE glucose Pancreas (gland) detects low glucose, secretes glucagon (hormone) Glucagon stimulates liver (organ) to RELEASE glucose SUPPLEMENTS 1/4 dietary supplements has something wrong with it (i.e. contamination, mislabeling, etc.) DSHEAH (1994) o contains a dietary ingredient and under the label of food not drugs o must contain the name of the supplement, who made the supplement/packed/manufactured,
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Human Nutrition Study Guide - 2 fatty acids glycerol...

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