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Tech Report Example - Ideas Futures Market/Prediction...

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Ideas Futures Market/Prediction Market Background: From the outside the predictions market may seem useless, but for big business and political events it is a vital part of their strategy. The markets are a speculation on events or some sort of goal set by a company such as profits for a quarter. The more “stock” that is bought, the more the probability that event will come true, and the results are shocking. What was first started for predicting results of the Academy Awards and other Hollywood related issues has bloomed into predicting everything from economic events to the possible assignation of a world leader. Around 2004, at the height of the Iraq war and tensions with North Korea and Iran, the stock for another terrorist attack before 2010 on American soil rose dramatically, but then fell over the next few years after tensions have eased. The current election and primaries are among the most active predictions being traded on Foresight Exchange, one of the most active predictions websites around. As for the big business and economical impact of such a market, all it takes is a look at the Popular Science Predictions Exchange front page and you will see some very cool and some scary predictions about technology. Google releasing an operating system by 2010? Currently it is one of the highest priced stocks on the exchange, but since online gambling is illegal in the states, this is all play money or “monopoly money” as most experts call it. But the fun in being able to win fake money is overridden by the fact that these predictions are extremely important to our economy and future. The impact of Google releasing an operating system is huge, especially for a company like Microsoft who pretty much dominates the OS market. If Microsoft uses the
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predictions market to prepare for the release of the Google OS now, they will be in much better shape than when they learn about it from a press release. For us not in the board rooms of corporate America we can use the predictions market to
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Tech Report Example - Ideas Futures Market/Prediction...

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