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desirees baby - Desiree’s Baby 1 Armand does not love...

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1Chris Manzo Prof. Knapp Comp. 2 26 February 2008 The Story of an Hour 1) Mrs. Mallard is not really in love with her husband. She accepted his death too quickly to really love him. When someone close to you dies you do not want to accept it and want to find out yourself. No, she would not leave her husband. She knows she is with him forever and has no choice but to stay till she dies. It is possible to confuse love with duty. Mrs. Mallard was doing a duty and did not love her husband. It was just her job and what she had to do. 3) Chopin kept the story brief because it made the story more dramatic. Not knowing much of what happened made it interesting because it keeps the reader curious. I would like to know more about what actually happened to the husband after he returned home.
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Unformatted text preview: Desiree’s Baby 1) Armand does not love Desiree. He was very quick to leave her. He didn’t love her for herself just for her appearance. When he found out she was not white he told her to leave without even thinking about it. It is clear that he did not really love her. 4) Yes we can break free of our cultural heritage. After a few generations we loose our culture and develop a new one. Society tries to keep us in line by keeping old cultures and traditions happening. Some people break free by making new culture and tradition for their families. No, there is no danger in disregarding societal norms. There are benefits such as seeing people for who they really are not just what they look like....
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