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1Chris Manzo Prof. Knapp Comp. 2 February 12, 2008 Maggie in Everyday Use seems to be the kindest of the girls. She was going to let her sister take the quilts without fighting for them. The smartest daughter seemed to be Dee, she knew that some things should be cherished because they are family history. The most ambitious also seemed to be Dee. Dee went out and made her own life and didn’t stay at her house and live the way her family did. The most troubled was Emily because she didn’t care what happened. She believed she would die soon and nothing mattered. However, Emily was also the most likely
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Unformatted text preview: to succeed because she knew how to take care of a family and multitask. The most likely to find love was Dee. She was the most outgoing and popular one of all of the daughters. Mothers are partially responsible for how their daughters turn out. A daughter when young looks up to their mother and wants to be just like them. But, when they get older some want to be the opposite of their mothers. Some hate the live their mothers live and want to live a different life style. Mothers have a large impact on the way their daughters turn out....
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