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Chris Manzo Dealing with stress is very important in law enforcement. Stress can cause depression, anger, fatigue, headaches and much more. Stress can affect a police officers performance in a negative way. If an officer is not performing to the best of their ability they may be putting themselves in danger. If they are tired or worn out they will not be as quick as normal with their reflexes. I would advise an officer to manage stress by humor, vacationing, and a hobby. Humor can reduce stress at many levels. Humor can take an officers mind off of the stress they have. If they are stressing because they are in danger joking around after the situation can take your mind off of it. This is also seen with a doctor and how a doctor tries to use humor to lighten a situation even when a person can be seriously ill. Humor brings your mind to a better place and takes the focus off of what is really happening. Taking a vacation is a major way to reduce stress. Vacationing takes your mind
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Unformatted text preview: off of everything and puts you in a safe place. When you are on a good vacation you just relax and nothing bothers you. Another way to reduce stress is by picking up a hobby. A hobby can give you something to do on your day off and will be something you care about. A good hobby to pick up may be an instrument or making models. Working with your hands will make you concentrate more and not think of anything that stresses you. Stress is never good especially in law enforcement. Stress will only put officers into potential danger. It is very important for officers to know how to handle stress. The main methods of handling stress in my opinion are humor, vacationing, and picking up a hobby. These methods will take your mind away from everything that is causing stress. Managing your stress is very important and can be the difference between life and death....
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