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1Chris Manzo Prof. Knapp Comp. 2 January 31, 2008 I enjoyed reading The Gift of Sweat by Rebecca Brown. The narrator showed that she cared about Rick and did everything she could for him. Rick lost his lover and now he was dying. The narrator went and comforted Rick twice a week and cleaned his house. She would spend time with him and it was normal for them to be together twice a week. The narrator would bring coffee and cinnamon rolls each time she went to his house for the two of them and they would eat. This makes me feel really good inside. The narrator is doing something to comfort the Rick because he is dying. She is trying to be here for him as much as she can.
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Unformatted text preview: In the end when Rick gets her breakfast when he is dying it shows how much he appreciated her. He risked his life going and getting her breakfast in the morning to show his appreciation. She was with him until he went to the hospital and didnt know about the breakfast until he was gone. She never got to thank him for it. This story shows how much two people can care about each other and do anything for one another. The narrator and Rick spent lots of time together and cared about each other to the point were Rick risked his life for her. This story shows good will and makes a person think about how thoughtful others can be....
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