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1Chris Manzo Manzo 1 Prof. Knapp Comp. 2 21 April 2008 1.) Nora lies about having macaroons, told Torvald Christine came to talk to him, and lied about why Krogstad came to see her. Nora is not to be trusted because she covers everything up. She lies constantly to try to make herself look better. 2) Helmer wants Nora to be the kind of wife that does everything he says and listens to him. His nicknames such as squirrel show how he looks at her as sneaky and he feels he must watch her. 1) The plays title is significant because Nora says she feels as if she is living in the doll house she played with as a child. She feels she has lived like this her whole life.
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Unformatted text preview: 2) The plays ending is not a happy ending. At the end Nora leaves Torvald. Her children will grow up without a mother because Torvald feels Nora should not raise the children because they may become liars like her. 3) Torvald treats Nora as property. He thinks she has to do as he says and listen to him. The men in Trifles feel the same. The men are the controlling factor in the relationship and the women sit back and do what the men tell them to do. 4) Nora lies about why Krogstad came to see her, she told Torvald that Christine came to talk about a job, she said she had no macaroons, and she also said that Christine brought macaroons....
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