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Chris Manzo Manzo 1 Professor Robb CJ-101-A1 6 May 2008 The Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives citizens the right to bear arms. The government is now trying to take this right away from U.S. citizens and ban firearms. The government is slowly banning different firearms which will lead to the complete ban of firearms to citizens of the U.S. Gun control is a major issue in today’s society but it is not doing much to stop gun crimes. Banning firearms in the U.S. will only cause more gun violence then we have now. Gun control only limits the firearms that legal purchases can posses. Gun control does not help stop gun crimes because most gun crimes are committed with illegal guns that the gun control laws would not affect. In 1994 two acts were put in place that put restrictions on firearms. The first act is the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act which puts restrictions on purchasing handguns. The act made a mandatory five day waiting period before the purchase of a handgun. "The purpose of such a rule was twofold: first, to provide authorities with the opportunity to conduct a background check on the prospective purchaser in order to void handgun purchases by felons, the mentally incompetent, or others who should not have handguns; and second, to provide a cooling off period for those who seek to buy and perhaps use a handgun impulsively, in a fit of temper or rage" (Spitzer 90). The five day waiting period gave time to give a background check to the person applying to buy the
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Manzo 2 firearm. If you have ever been judged by a court as mentally incompetent, if you are under a restraining order from domestic violence, or have ever been a convicted criminal, you are not allowed to buy a gun. Also, multiple handgun purchases must be reported to the police. Background checks due to the Brady Act have blocked over 600,000 handgun sales by the year 2000. The Brady Act is great for gun control because it makes
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gun control - Chris Manzo Manzo 1 Professor Robb CJ-101-A1...

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