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Chris Manzo Based on our classroom discussions and videos, all police officers must be able to take a life in the course of their duty. Taking a life is not an easy thing to do but sometimes it must be done. A police officer must be able to take a life if that person is threatening their live or others lives. It is completely necessary to take a person’s live if they are putting you in danger. If an officer feels the only way to save their live or another person’s live is to take a life of someone threatening them they must do it. As seen with the video we watched with the Vietnam veteran who executed the police officer some threats must be stopped. The police officer told him to drop the weapon before he took it out of the car. I believe if the officer was telling him to drop the weapon when the veteran was digging through the back of the car he must have seen a weapon. Either the officer had seen the end of the stock on the rifle or he heard the magazine being attached or even heard him cocking the weapon. At that point the officer should have been ready
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