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expelled - that it is freedom of thought and ideas that are...

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1Chris Manzo Manzo 1 Prof. Teke Philosophy 5 May 2008 “Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed” is a documentary about Darwinism. Ben Stein hosts the film and goes against Darwinists. He tells how Darwinists do no prove anything. Stein tells how schools do not allow students to think freely. They do not accept thoughts that they believe are wrong. The basis is that they are expelling the freedom of thought, which is allowing no intelligence. Stein tells how universities are not allowing intelligent design any longer and are persecuting teachers who encourage it. He tells how teachers have lost jobs because of encouraging intelligent design. The movie was kind of confusing to me because Stein did not explain what intelligent design was. I do not even understand what intelligent design is. I am only under the impression
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Unformatted text preview: that it is freedom of thought and ideas that are not proven. I found the movie to be interesting but confusing. I think I was confused because I do not know what intelligent design is or for that matter Darwinism. I don’t even know what Darwinism is so I don’t know what they were talking about when it came to that. I feel that this movie was a waste of time to watch because it only confused me and talked about things I don’t understand. There was too much that you had to know going into this movie to understand it meaning that not everyone can go and see it. You would need predetermined knowledge to understand this movie fully making it a terrible movie in my eyes....
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