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The story of an hour - crying on the street the song she...

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1Chris Manzo Prof. Knapp Comp. 2 February 7, 2008 The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin has many examples of imagery in it. The way Chopin describes Mrs. Mallards reaction is an example. She describes how Mrs. Mallard bust out in tears in the arms of her sister who told her. Chopin describes the room how the arm chair look comfortable and roomy and faced the open window. Then Mrs. Mallard sank in it the chair. This gives the image of a women falling into the chair and the chair being extremely padded and cushioning her fall all the way to the bottom of it. She was able to see the tops of the trees out the window, the rain in the air, the person
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Unformatted text preview: crying on the street, the song she heard being sung, and the sounds of the birds. This in an image that Kate Chopin sets up here. This makes the image of a day when it has just stopped raining and people are back outside and animals are back out. Another good example of imagery is when Brently Mallard is opening the door in the end. Chopin gives the image of a man coming home from work, a little dirty, tired, with an umbrella. This image is in my head of a man walking in happy to be home and his shirt looks dirty as if it was worn for a few days. Chopin does a great job showing imagery in The Story of an Hour....
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