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Trifles 2 - as men However that gave them no right to cover...

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1Chris Manzo Manzo 1 Prof. Knapp Comp. 2 3 April 2008 1.) Gaspell keeps Minnie Wright offstage because it gives the reader an imagination. It lets the reader picture Mrs. Wright in any way they would like to. It makes her more of a generic character who can be pictured as anybody. 3.) They realize they are covering up for Minnie and protect her by hiding evidence. They should feel guilty because they know Minnie is guilty and she may get away with murder now because Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters covered up for her. 4.) I am a little sympathetic because of the time they live in. The women were not treated equally
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Unformatted text preview: as men. However that gave them no right to cover up for her because she is also a female. There should never be someone’s ally just because they are the same gender as you. 5.) This play is about freedom and confinement, the women do not have freedoms and they show how they stand together to protect each other. It shows how males are dominating and do not give the women equal opportunity. It is also about the bonds women hold together, Mrs. Peters and Mrs. Hale protected Minnie Wright because she was another women. There was no other reason they protected her....
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