Midterm essay 2, officer punishment

Midterm essay 2, officer punishment - let him keep his job...

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Chris Manzo If I was in charge of an officer who was caught taking money from drug dealers he would be in major trouble. If this officer was always a problem with the department and has been suspended many times for making fake reports, improper use of force, and failure to follow orders, his punishment would be severe. In this case I would probably do my best to make his punishment loosing his job. He did not learn his lesson from getting suspended several times therefore he will not learn it anytime soon. If there had been an officer who had violated a procedure on properly searching a prison upon arrest he would also be punished. This officer had only been on the job two weeks so his punishment will not be very harsh. He may have made a mistake because he his new and people make mistakes. I would probably suspend this officer for a week but
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Unformatted text preview: let him keep his job and go back onto the road. The two have different punishments because one officer is new and made one mistake which may have been an accident. The other officer has been a known problem and has been suspended several times already meaning he has not learned his lesson and he will not learn his lesson. The only way to get rid of this officer as a problem would be taking his job. A new officer deserves a second chance; he is not doing an illegal act deliberately. This new officer is still learning and needs time to learn procedures. It takes some practice before he will become a good officer. If I were to take this officer off the road he will never learn and he will not become a great officer....
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