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matrix and allegory of the cave

matrix and allegory of the cave - Chris Manzo Prof Teke...

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1Chris Manzo Manzo 1 Prof. Teke Philosophy 5 May 2008 The Matrix Plato’s the “The Allegory of the Cave” is a story he tells in Book VII of the Republic. Plato starts the story by describing a cave underground where there is a group of people tied up. They have been there since they were children. They are tied up with their backs facing the entrance to the cave and they can only see a wall of the cave that is far away in front of them. They cannot see behind them of to the sides because they have restraints on their neck and legs. There is a fire burning behind them near the entrance to the cave. There are guards holding the people captive in the cave. The guards walk behind the prisoners and hold up things that are found in the everyday world. The people that are being held captive only see distortions of each other and the objects on the wall in front of them because of the fire. Their view of reality is based on what they see in the cave. The prisoners do not even
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