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final #4 - Chris Manzo Many people believe that no one...

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Chris Manzo Many people believe that no one should be placed into a specialized area in a police department until they have done a significant amount of time on the patrol division. I do not agree fully with this comment. I understand that being on patrol for a good amount of time first will give a nice background and may be helpful. However, there are many reasons why I do not agree with this. First of all a younger and newer officer should be easier to train. A new officer who has not been in many situations would be easier to train because they will not use their own methods instead of their training. A new officer who has been recently trained would be easier to train again because he is not fully used to the tactics and methods he was trained for. A veteran on the job is used to his training and is going to be harder to train to do different methods. I agree that some time on the streets in patrol however is necessary. The amount of time I feel is necessary is around two years. In that two years the officer is not used to
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