Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention--Oral Report

Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention--Oral Report - Mike...

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Mike Castro CLAS 355 Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention Took place in Philadelphia from September- December 1787 Antendees: George Latimer, Benjamin Rush, Hilary Baker, James Wilson* , Thos. M'Kean, William M'Pherson, John Hunn, George Gray, Samuel Ashmead, Enoch Edwards, Henry Wynkoop, John Barclay, Thomas Yardly, Abraham Stout, Thomas Ball, Anthony Wayne, William Gibbons, Richard Downing, Thomas Cheney, John Hannum , Stephen Chambers, Robert Coleman, Sebastian Graff, John Hubley, Jasper Yeates, John Whitehill , Henry Slagle, Thomas Campbell, Thomas Hartley David Grier, John Black, Benjamin Pedan, John Harris , John Reynolds , Robert Whitehill , Jonathan Hoge , Nicholas Lutz , John Ludwig , Abraham Lincoln , John Bishop , Joseph Heister , John Arndt, Stephen Balliott, Joseph Horsefield, David Deshler, James Martin , Joseph Powell , William Wilson, John Boyd, William Findley , John Baird , William Todd , James Marshall , James Edgar , T. Scott, John Nevill, Nicholas Breading , John Smilie , Richard Bard , John Allison, Jonathan Roberts, John Richards, Frederick A. Muhlenberg, James Morris, William Brown , Adam Orth , Timothy Pickering, Benjamin Elliott o 23 of 69 members present dissented with the Constitution, and refused to sign (denoted in bold in the above list). Vote was 46-23. Chairman: Frederick Augustus Muhlenberg The doors to the chamber were left open; attendees could come and go as they pleased. o But in order to make a vote on anything, a quorum of 50 was needed. o Did not like the fact the Constitutional Convention was all behind closed/locked doors. The Federalists, led by James Wilson, packed the state legislature with federalists. Overall feelings of the proposed constitution o Most all representatives present during PA’s ratifying convention had the same overall feeling: Scared. o
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Pennsylvania Ratifying Convention--Oral Report - Mike...

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