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Name: Quiz Section: DATA, CALCULATIONS AND GRAPHS Pentane Temperature, K 1/Temperature, K VP, mmHg VP, atm Ln (VP, atm) 2 pts Temperature, o C EXPERIMENT 3: INTERMOLECULAR FORCES Part II: VAPOR PRESSURE THE ENTHALPY OF VAPORIZATION PURPOSE The purpose is to measure the enthalpies of vaporazation of pentane, diethyl ether, 2-butanone, and 2-butanol. How is the enthalpy of vaporization measured? (3 pts) For each of these molecules, a portion of the enthalpy of vaporization is ascribed to dispersion forces (all molecules have dispersion forces) and a polar component. Which molecule provides the dispersion forces component for itself and all the others and what assumption is made in order to use the value for one compound to account for the dispersion forces in all the others? (2 pt) ( ) ( ) o vap S = R o vap H Slope m and Intercept b R ∆ ∆ = - Part I: 30 points (report sheet filled out and handed in before leaving lab) Part II: 30 points Place your plot of ln(VP) vs 1/T here. Properly label your graph (labels for axes, including units, and a title).
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template_162_Exp_3_Part_II_Report_Template_040908 - Name:...

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