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Johnson 1 Jeff Johnson Mr. Paul Jaussen English 111O April 13, 2008 Form Implies Function The villanelle lends itself to careful examination of a single idea; the first and third lines are repeated several times, each time with additional meaning inherited, and these refrains are eventually brought together in the final stanza. However it can be used in many ways depending on the poets’ inclination - sometimes misusing the format is just as useful as mastering it. This highly stylized form also lends itself to analysis, because any deviation from the norm is immediately recognized as purposeful. Dylan Thomas adhers closely to the traditional structure of the villanelle but presents an unconventional sentiment using highly emotional language in a dramatic departure from the usually pastoral poem. “Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night’ strays very little from the established template for a villanelle. In fact, Thomas follows it so well that it seems the natural form of expression for his passions; the repetitive stanzas are a chance to make his argument more forceful, more resounding. Should his father (or the reader for that matter) lose sight of Thomas’ plea for even a moment, they are blasted again with the riveting statements, “Do not go gentle into that good night” and “Rage,
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MajorPaper 1 Draft - Johnson Jeff Johnson Mr Paul Jaussen...

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