humanpop - whose populations double every 10 to 20 years....

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Matthew Stengel Natural Resources 201- Section 2 Human Population Growth As the rate of human population is growing, the impact humans have on the environment and food supply also increases. The world is encountering all time highs for the number of malnourished humans because of insufficient food, the price of food, and misallocation. All forms of food supply are suffering because of the increase in human population. The per capital availability of grains, a vital food supply, has been steadily decreasing. With 99% of the worlds food supply coming from land sources, more and more humans are being starved and neglected because of problems caused by the population growth. Water resources, an important facet to the farming and irrigation systems, are being affected by the growing rate of urban communities
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Unformatted text preview: whose populations double every 10 to 20 years. Fossil fuels, a major concern to all privileged humans will be used up in the near future. 80% of the worlds fossil fuels are used by developed countries for fertilizers and irrigation projects. Even in countries such as the United States that can be viewed as economically successful could never reach a point where the food demands of the entire population is reached. There will come a point when importation of food for privileged citizens is accompanied by starvation for the poor. While technology can help conserve the environment and food supply, it can not prevent it from diminishing to a point where everyone will suffer. The human population must be curtailed to help prevent mass hysteria for all mankind....
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