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globalization - 1 General 2 World Trade Organization(WTO a...

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globalization: broad process of societal transformation in which numberous interwoven forces are making national borders more permeable than ever before, including growth in trade, investment, travel, and computer networking. A. Introduction 1. What is globalization? 2. Objective B. Transboundary environmental problems: ozone diplomacy 1. Backround 2. Technology abandoned- SST (SuperSonic Transport) 3. CFC’s and ozone destruction: theory of Rowland and Molina 4. Antarctic ozone hole 5. MEA: Montreal Protocol, 1988 C. Global trade and environment
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Unformatted text preview: 1. General 2. World Trade Organization (WTO) a. History, nature, role b. The infamous tuna-dolphin case 3. Trade liberalization and civil society D. Global environmental governance 1. Civics 101: environmental governance structure 2. United Nations: : UNEP and MEA’s 3. GATT and WTO a. General overview b. Environmental and WTO 4. Current trends a. Voluntary environmental management b. Consumer driven standards: green certification E. Conclusions: global environmental leadership....
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