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October 11 - Use sex as part of social bonding Reduces...

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October 11, 2006 Primary forest, relatively undisturbed Bonobo (pan paniscus) Long lean appearance Narrow face, not round Arboreal, terrestrial (knuckle walker) Arms longer than legs Hair part is characteristic Very muscular Social group still fission fussion o split into smaller parties o come back to community every night o don’t patrol, share home range Spacing of infancs normal Once females move into new group Male doesn’t achieve alpha status until mother has achieved highst Sex Genital- genital rubbing (m-m, f-f, m-f)
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Unformatted text preview: Use sex as part of social bonding Reduces tension in group Have to get into female group before they can join males Community building Rocking gesture = sexual want Tool using Rain hats-Rain dance- anger at forces, mad b/c wet/cold Branch dragging- (lft hand) makes noise (md/ high rank males)- means it is time to go, males branch off , group follows one of these males to new food source [email protected] Group dominance Peel sugar cane- power grip, sharp teath Rt hand vs Lft...
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