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anthro nov 8 - differences In the video we looked at bones...

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Anthro November 8 th Neanderthals Two theory’s of Neanderthals 1. Replacement hypothesis. Divergence of Neanderthals and don’t rejoin group 2. Continuity theory –some divergence with neandertals and rejoin group. Homo Sapiens Out of Africa idea – supports mitochondrial DNA After 40,000 yrs, the glacier mass leaves and fully modern homo sapiens move out extensively. Brain size for Neanderthal’s have 1500-1700 cc’s but modern humans have 1350 CC’s On Neanderthal, skull mastoid process is different. According to Tattersal we couldn’t breed with Neanderthals due to anatomical
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Unformatted text preview: differences. In the video, we looked at bones that were excavated and they believed were that of a child. The tibia bone was rather short this was categorical of the weather climate. Shanatar fossils were found and showed neaderthals took care of there groups for many years. It was a dangerous lifestyle. There were support groups we believed for theses peps. What happened in Europe there was a replacement with one hominid with another....
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