crimes against humanity

crimes against humanity - Maria Svigos Dr White Mentoring...

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Maria Svigos Dr. White Mentoring and Leadership for Social Change Article: “Crimes Against Humanity” By: Ward Churchill 1/30/08 “Central Themes and Most Vital Arguments of the Article” Churchill starts his article off with stating the stereotypes of Indians that are being produced as “good, clean fun” in sports teams’ names. But in reality, the names that are given to are insulting to the Native Americans. Sarcastically, the author suggests that if naming sports team’s Native American stereotypical names is just in the name of good fun instead of the racial slurs, then people should start naming teams after stereotypical names for other minority races such as the “Niggers” or “San Diego Spics.” Russell Means has compared the practice to contemporary Germans naming their soccer teams the "Jews," Hebrews," and "Yids," while adorning their uniforms with grotesque caricatures of Jewish faces taken from the Nazis’ anti-Semitic propaganda of the 1930’s. Churchill also informs his readers of Julius Stricher – a man who was convicted of writing anti-Semitic editorials that claimed to have contributed in the dehumanizing
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crimes against humanity - Maria Svigos Dr White Mentoring...

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