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Study Guide Midterm 009 Systematic Speaking Process Topoi It comes from the rhetoric’s of ancient Greece and Rome, where you ask a series of questions about your general subject. The process helps you see divisions or aspects of your general topic on which you might want to focus. For example, what why when where? And a series of sub questions and you’ll see different aspects of a topic. Lets say you want to give a speech on homelessness. Applying the system of topoi you would ask such questions as Who are the homeless? What does homelessness do to the people themselves and to society in general? Guidelines for creating an informative speech Guidelines for selecting information to use as evidence Choosing a topic Attitude a predisposition to respond for or against an object person or postion. belief confidence in the extence or truth of something; conviction value relative worth; a quality that makes something desirable or undesirable; an ideal or custom about which we have emotional responses, whether positive or negative. Dyadic consciousness an awareness of an interpersonal relationship or pairing of two individuals; distinguished from situations in which two individuals are together but do not perceive themselves as being a unit or twosomes. dyadic primacy dyadic coalition Demographic audience assessment Development of Language –birth to age 3 Development of language Undifferentiated crying 0-1 month Differentiated crying: 1 month various appear – changes in pitch, volume & duration. Experience teaches us to interpret crying - first basic communication occurs. Purposeful crying Baby controls environment. A positive reaction (response) to cries (stimulus) Elementary Stimulus – response in psychology 1-3 months Babbling stage 2-3 months
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Random vocal activity Vocal play – initiates gurgling and coos internally The baby is actually playing with vocal cords They are not imitating sounds they hear. Lallation 5-6 months A great deal of sound repetition Baby imitates self Echolallation (echolalia) 7-10 months Imitates sounds from the environment. Speech 1 st birthday Able to express basic needs Comprehends much more True speech 1-3 years 3 reasons to speak = inform, persuade, entertain Evolution of language Amelioration (elevation) we elevate words and give them definition that is more formal if they were slang or jargon. Popular > formal
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Study Guide Midterm 009sp07 - Study Guide Midterm 009...

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