The Persuasive Speech Requirements

The Persuasive Speech Requirements - The Persuasive Speech...

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The Persuasive Speech Requirements-2007 1. The speech will be 5-7 minutes in length, with a target of 6 minutes. Failure to speak on your date can result in a ZERO grade. We have no time to make up speeches unless there is a documented absence. Being afraid or unprepared is not an excuse. I will help you if you simply request my assistance. I can’t read your mind, so let me know when you need help. 2. You will be required to use 5 different sources in this speech. These are ORAL citations, mentioned as you speak. Use a variety of sources and try to find very recent information. Old data won’t work in a persuasive speech. No Wikipedia , no online or general encyclopedias or dictionaries. Only 1 (.com). You may use (.gov) sources. If we don ‘t know what the source is, it is your job to explain it as you cite from it. 3. You must use MONROE’S MOTIVATED SEQUENCE to construct your speech. Refer to notes and online worksheets. Check with me if you aren’t sure how to do it. 4. Do not use a cover sheet on your outline. Type and single space your name, the date of the speech and your section. Use full sentences for all items. 5. Double space after the name section and then single space the general purpose, specific purpose and thesis just as you did in the information speech. If you leave them off the outline, your outline grade drops at least 10 points. Do not forget to create a title for the speech. 6. Refer back to the critique sheet from the informative speech to see what areas need improvement and make sure you do those things. 7.
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The Persuasive Speech Requirements - The Persuasive Speech...

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