interent assignment 6 - Daniel J Kent Sped 203 Internet...

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Unformatted text preview: Daniel J. Kent Sped 203 Internet Assignment # 5 P 232 Using the internet, find two diversity training programs. These programs should approach Diversity training differently. What are thee major differences and similarities in the programs? Based on the information available, which of the two do you think would be more effective? Why? Support your answer and be as specific as possible. Include the URL for each website. The first website I looked up for Diversity Training, and I found Diversity training university international. ( ) There motto is Diversity training is not a new idea. Diversity trainers use their expertise in: conflict resolution, preparing organizations for increases in racial, ethnic, cultural, and gender diversity, preparing employees for international work, safeguarding against harassment and unfair employment lawsuits, taking advantage of employee diversity to increase productivity, conducting cultural audits, managing sexual attraction in the workplace, Developing competencies needed to exploit the international marketplace....
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interent assignment 6 - Daniel J Kent Sped 203 Internet...

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