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Daniel J Kent CC130-009 April 17 2006 General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: By the end of my speech, the class will want to buy; more Newman’s Own Products and consider volunteering at the Hole in the Wall Gang camps. Thesis: Paul Newman’s works such as Newman’s own and his camps have helped many children all around the globe. I. Attention A. “Paul Newman and the Newman’s Own Foundation have given over $200 million to thousands of charities worldwide since 1982.” (1) As seen on the website B. In 1986, my brother during treatment for Leukemia went as a camper to the first of the Paul Newman’s camps its first summer: The Hole in the Wall Gang camp. Once he went into remission, he worked at the camps and since has gone on to become a doctor. C. Upon reading your responses in this class I found only 24% of the class has either tried or drinks Newman’s products on a regular basis, and has heard of Paul Newman. D. “On average it costs $1500 to send a child to these camps, the parents of these children pay nothing. This is a gift for these children to have one week out of there lives to normal to not be in a hospital receiving treatment.” Robin Demattos of Double H (5) Transition to the Need Step: Currently there are 12 different camps all around the world they need our support in order to survive. II. Need A. As this organization continues to expand into other continents, we must acknowledge and support this great organization. 1. “Last year, the camps served nearly 10,000 seriously ill children. With additional camps in development, that number will only
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NEwmans persuasion - Daniel J Kent CC130-009 General...

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