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Daniel J. Kent Homework Chapter 1. 1. What are the characteristics of language? Individual speech sounds are meaningless noises until some regularity is added. The relationship between individual sounds, meaningful sound units, and the combination of these units is specified by the rules of language. 2. What are the five parameters of language please list and define them. a. Semantics- is the system of rules governing the meaning or content of words and word combinations. b. Syntax the form of structure of a sentence is governed c. Phonology is the aspect of language concerned with the rules governing the structure, distribution, and sequencing of speech sounds and the shape of syllables. d. Morphology concerned with the internal organization of words e. Pragmatics – study of language in context and concentrates on language as a communication tool that is used to achieve social ends. 3. Give examples of each of the following a. paralinguistic codes i.
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Unformatted text preview: Suprasegmental devices that are imposed on speech to signal attitude or emotion in the message. 1. intonation/pitch 2. stress/emphasis 3. rate 4. intensity 5. pause hesitation b. nonlinguistic codes i. Gestures, body language, facial expression, physical proximity. ii. Used alone can convey an entire message iii. Cultural differences in the use of nonlinguistic cues. c. metalingustic codes i. The ability to talk about language, analyze it and judge it. ii. Our skills help us determine the accuracy or appropriateness of messages we send and receive. 4. Why do we need to know and understand the development of typical language acquisition? Normal language development serves as a guide for language remediation and language assessment. Language milestones or benchmarks provide guidelines for expected behaviors. The developmental rational can be used to decide on targets for therapy and to determine overall remediation approaches....
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