SPED Case Study ITs not Fair

SPED Case Study ITs not Fair - Case Study Analysis That's...

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Case Study Analysis That’s not Fair! Analyze this case study about a student with and learning disabilities by responding to these 5 topics (all pages are single spaced): 1. Describe and discuss 2 legal matters involved in this case (~ ½ page). In the case involving Ms. Taylor and Ms. Jones co-taught middle school class several legal issues should come up in this situation First although it is a new school, the school still does not have the legality to go door to door to pick their students. The case study states that “. .The students are individually selected to participate. In recruiting for the school the representatives went door-to- door in the neighborhood. .” A second legal issue that came up in that’s Not Fair was that Mrs. Taylor had her back to the students and was facing the computer. This seems especially upsetting because while she was ignoring her students and not supervising them, she was also not assisting in the disruption that had occurred. Although legally she would does not have to participate with the conflict that arose she does have to be paying attention to the class and not have her back to them. 2. Discuss the ethical considerations of the situation (~ ½ page). An ethical consideration to consider in this case study falls under Instructional Responsibilities. (5) Use assessment instruments and procedures that do not discriminate against persons with exceptionalities on the basis of race, color, creed, sex, national origin, age, political practices, family or social background, sexual orientation, or exceptionality. This should be taken into consideration, not because the teachers are not
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SPED Case Study ITs not Fair - Case Study Analysis That's...

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