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Daniel J. Kent Chapter 17 Industrial Supremacy Notes Industrial technology has been instrumental in the rapid growth of our advances. With Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone, Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb and Marconi developing the radio. These advances have allowed humanity to further its technology. Morse code was also a huge help in war far especially in the First World War. Steel manufacturing also was an industry on the boom with much needed steel for train tracks. Iron production was part of this boom, the Bessemer process that consisted of blowing air through molten iron to burn out the impurities and create a much stronger metal. In 1868, the New Jersey ironmaster Abram S. Hewitt introduced from Europe another method of making steel—the open hearth process. These techniques made possible the production of steel in great quantities and large dimensions. Iron and Steel furnaces with the new steel making techniques allow us to put furnaces in our homes. With the rise of all new steel making processes, the car started to appear and with parts,
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