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internet assignment1 - Thomas that could say his name After...

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Daniel J. Kent Sped 203 P. 29 Internet Assignment #1 I read an article called The Lessons of Classroom 506. It was about a student named Thomas Ellenson, who started his first week in an inclusion class. Thomas has cerebral palsy and is nonverbal. Unlike the rest of the students in the classroom, Thomas also has a wheelchair and due to its bulky size can only be in four different positions. This for me was the first article I have ever read about inclusion in a classroom with nonverbal students. This classroom tried something new where the parents were able to watch there son interact in a classroom setting, they first saw all the possibilities of how to best integrate their son into the classroom. During one of the classes where Thomas’s parents noticed Thomas signal he wanted to go to the bathroom and seeing as the new teachers were unaware of what the sign's were the mother stepped in and helped. Soon after they returned the class rejoiced in a song where they said there name, the father helped him use a table-talk machine for
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Unformatted text preview: Thomas that could say his name. After it did, he saw success and grinned. Nothing can be more fulfilling than seeing a student who cannot talk, speak with assisted devices. You may wonder how this applies now to diversity education, to all of the students in classroom 506 they are learning just as Thomas is how to accept at a young age what diversity is, they are learning to include Thomas, which can only help Thomas when he gets older. Sources: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/12/magazine/12MAINSTREAMING.html? ei=5070&en=df3597c1ecd081ce&ex=1158292800&pagewanted=print&position = And http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/12/magazine/12MAINSTREAMING.html? ex=1158292800&en=df3597c1ecd081ce&ei=5070 The Lessons of Classroom 506 By LISA BELKIN I chose to read an article a friend gave me, I did the research online but I could not find as good an article I wanted to write about....
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internet assignment1 - Thomas that could say his name After...

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