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Hist222-005 United States History and Constitutions from 1865 Monday, Wednesday, and Friday 12:20 - 1:10AM Boyden Hall BDN216 Syllabus This course examines the development of the nation from the age of Reconstruction to the present. It emphasizes the economic, political, intellectual and social maturing of the United States. This is a lot of information to cover, but it is very useful for understanding the world in which we live. As the course comes closer to the present, the potential for being overwhelmed increases. The textbook for this class is the best and briefest available on the subject, but there is still a lot of information for students to absorb. Be prepared to read, work, research, think, and take personal responsibility for doing all of these. Instructor: Prof. Margaret I. R. Crowe Email: mcrowe@bridgew.edu Office Hours: MWF 11:10 – 12:10 PM, I will usually be in the Commuter Caf. If you cannot find me, email me or check with the History Office in Tillinghast Hall. Texts Alan Brinkley, The Unfinished Nation, A Brief Interactive History of the American People, vol.2 to 1877, McGraw-Hill, 2005 Jean Stonehouse, Studying the Constitutions of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the United States , The Old Colony Historical Society, 2002 Suggested Reference for Research and Writing Lynn Quitman Troyka and Douglas Hesse, QA (Quick Access) Compact , Pearson Prentice Hall, 2007. ISBN: 0131889567 Required Elements of This Course In this course you are required to attend class, keep up with reading in the textbook and any additional assigned materials, complete essays in a timely fashion, and take exams at the scheduled time. I will always take into consideration personal, health, or learning difficulties. However, you are responsible for communicating any such difficulties to me; so we can work
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together to get you through these required elements. To help insure students keep up with their reading, every student should keep a Reading Journal . This will consist of writing a 1/2 page summary and analysis of each chapter or reading assignment. You be asked to turn this in each class and will receive it back during the next class. So, make sure you have read the chapter and done the summary before class. Regardless of whatever notes you would like to keep for yourself, make sure you have this 1/2 page summary with you in class. If you do not have it, you will lose points. Every student must sign up for this course on Blackboard . All written work (except secretary notes and project drafts) must be submitted through the links under the “Assignments” Section of the course on Blackboard. Your first “Turnitin” Assignment ( to demonstrate an understanding of this process and how to avoid plagiarism) is to go to http://www.lib.usm.edu/legacy/plag/plagiarismtutorial.php and review the materials there. Once you have completed the Post-Test, email the results to yourself, and cut and paste the emailed results into a MS Word document. Then go to the
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Hist222-005 - Hist222-005 United States History and...

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