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Sensory Activities 1. Gooey Gunk a. Medium bowl mix b. 1 cup of water c. 1 cup of Elmer’s glue d. 2 nd bowl mix i. 1 and 1/3 cups of warm water ii. 4 tsp borax laundry booster iii. Food coloring or tempera paint e. Pour first mixture into second (do not mix) roll mixture around lift out and kneed for a couple of seconds. Store in ziplock bag 2. Scratch and Sniff Paints a. Add a package of koolaide mix to a little bit of water, paint mix different flavors to make different colors 3. Magic Mudd a. Mix ¾ cup cornstarch to 1/3 cup water add food coloring 4. pudding paint a.
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Unformatted text preview: whisk a box of instant vanilla pudding in 2 cups of cold water. Add food coloring use as finger paints too. 5. Apple sauce cinnamon dough a. In a zip lock bag, mix ½ cup cinnamon and ½ cup applesauce. Kneed into dough. Use cookie cutters to make shapes and let dry a few days. Makes great air fresheners, ornaments, etc. 6. Fruity Play Dough a. Combine: b. 2 ¼ cups flour c. 1 cup salt d. Packet unsweetened Kool Aid mix e. 4 tbs cooking oil f. 1 cup water g. Stir and then kneed into dough store in zip lock baggie...
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