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Daniel J. Kent Constitution of Massachusetts Test Part 1 1. Why did the town of Concord object to having the legislature write a constitution for Massachusetts? 2. List the steps involved in creating the Constitution of Massachusetts: 3. Who is the chief author of the constitution of Massachusetts? 4. Who is a “civil body politic” 5. List three civil rights guaranteed by the constitution of Massachusetts. 6. List three rights of the accused guaranteed by the constitution of mass. 7. The mass legislature consists of two houses, the House of Reps and the Senate. How did they differ originally? How do they differ today? 8. How are the members of the legislature chosen? 9. What are the qualifications for voting in Massachusetts? 10. If citizens dislike a law enacted by the legislature and approved by the governor,
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Unformatted text preview: how might they change it? 11. If citizens wish to have a law enacted by “Initiative” what steps must they take to do so? 12. What is the Governors title? 13. What is the governor’s role in the process of making laws? 14. If the full membership of the house were, present how many votes would be needed to override a veto? 15. If the full membership of the senate were present, how many votes would be needed to override a veto? 16. what is the councils role? 17. what makes the mass judiciary independent? 18. what is the highest court of law in mass? 19. what is the term of office for judges in mass? 20. How may judges be removed from office against their will in mass? 21. What issues were addressed in the most recent amendments to the constitution of mass?...
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