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sped203interent assignment - might learn to change their...

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Daniel J. Kent Sped 203 10/10/06 Internet Assignment #2 p.66 What audience does this website appear to target? The audience targeted is parents. This article is trying to raise awareness of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder with families so they can help their child learn. It targets an audience who are unknowledgeable about the disability. It is attempting to clear up any misconceptions regarding medication stating. “The pill doesn’t give you the skill; it puts you on the right playing field.” What did you learn about your diversity? Having been diagnosed at age 3 with ADHD, I know how people label you once they see you are different. Even in the work place, people can make comments regarding the disability and do not realize how hard it is to have it. A friend of mine who has ADHD, told me growing up even in his inclusion classrooms he still never felt as smart as the other children did. I believe that’s is because in the past peoples limited knowledge about the disorder caused a bias. I have learned that through the article some people
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Unformatted text preview: might learn to change their ways of thinking the people quoted have learned something from this disability. Why did you find this information inspiring or insightful? I found this one point of the article quite inspiring and real. The article goes to say from a mothers point of view, “there is a ‘stigma out there’ she said. ‘There are a lot of kids who fall through the cracks and get in trouble because of there parents don’t want them labeled.’” This is true in today’s society, I have seen it where parents refuse to allow there children to get extra help or take any medication due to they think it shows vulnerability in the family and these ideas are very out dated and this article tries to open peoples perspective into that mind set. Sources: 1. http://www.nbc6.net/family/9992418/detail.html Does Your Child Have ADHD? Diagnoses Rise In Last 20 Year Steve Sobek , Staff writer...
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sped203interent assignment - might learn to change their...

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