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Daniel J. Kent History 222-05 Chapter 15 Summary The Chapter starts talking at the end of the Civil war and the government wants to restore order. President Lincoln does what he can and tries to give blacks rights as a result southern radicals plan to overthrow the government. During this plan, John Wilkes Booth kills President Lincoln in the Fords Theater. Andrew Johnson survives the attacks and becomes President. He struggles with the government with getting bills passed. Johnson tries to re-admit southern states into congress if they revoke ordinance of secession, abolish slavery and ratify the 13 th amendment. The south withdraws and ignores Johnson’s demands. Early in 1866, the black codes were established. In early 1866 southern radicals established Black Codes where it authorized local officials to apprehend unemployed blacks, fine them for vagrancy, and hire them out to private employers to satisfy the fine. Some codes forbade blacks to own or lease farms or to take any other job than a plantation worker or domestic servant. Northern officials responded
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