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chap 2 comd 290 - Daniel J Kent Comd 290 Homework Chapter 2...

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Daniel J. Kent Comd 290 Homework Chapter 2 1. Why do people study language development? A variety of reasons; interest in language development represents part of a larger concern for human development. People who specialize in early childhood education are eager to learn about developmental process in order to facilitate child behavior change. Special educators and speech-language pathologists study child language to increase their insight into normal and other-than-normal processes. 2. The linguist is primarily concerned with what type approach? The linguist is primarily concerned with describing language symbols and stating the rules of these symbols follow to form language structures. 3. What type of approach is described by the psycholinguist? The psycholinguist is interested in the psychological processes and constructs underlying language. 4. The sociolinguist is interested in what type of approach? The sociolinguist studies language rules and use as a function of role, socioeconomic
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