real boys chap 5 - Daniel J. Kent Chapter 5 the power of...

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Daniel J. Kent Chapter 5 the power of mothers Never too much of a good thing o Mothers help make boys into men o I believe that empowering the mother you empower the son. And I believe empowering mothers are a key to resolving society’s confusion about masculinity and creating a new real-boys code. The double standard of masculinity o Old boy code still holds our sons to a double standards of masculinity— one hand, boys are told they should act in tough, conventionally “guy”- like ways, and then are chastised when they don’t act sensitive caring or empathetic. o Most mothers by contrast seem to connect with their sons by just being with them, by giving them their undivided attention, and by making themselves available as an unfailing source of love, comfort, and support. o The absence of a close relationship with a loving mother puts a boy at a disadvantage in becoming free, confident, and independent man, a man who likes himself and can take risks and who can form close and loving attachments with people in his adult life. Clint: A strong boy who still needs mom o Clint Westfield, 15, “when I start to freaking out my mom who puts down everything and comes around to help me. She talks and comforts me then I feel strong again. Sometimes I get so upset I don’t want to go outside anymore—I just want to go hide in my room. o Sometimes we hang out with some of her friends in the neighborhood—If feel like I can go outside again to be with my friends. o Clint is a well built teenage who looked as if he was probably the biggest and strongest kid on his block o Looking into his father and son relationship “My dad. I mean my dad’s the best. But he’s an agent with the FBI and lots of times he leaves really early in the morning to go on these dangerous missions. I get nervous, and so does my mom, because he puts on his body armor and wears a gun on his belt. I love his stories—but they get us worried because his life is just about always on the line. On the day’s he wears his body armor me and
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real boys chap 5 - Daniel J. Kent Chapter 5 the power of...

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